I am concerned about splitting Bordon/Whitehill (in reality one community, growing massively with new infrastructure), which deserves a single MP covering it. I am also concerned that the Ash area does not fit well with Godalming - different local authorities, no social, health, or cultural links.

There is room for the Ash area to go into Surrey Heath and Woking, which are better fits with transport and social links. The Godalming seat comes up to size by the addition of Haslemere and Cranleigh, all of which are in the same local authority and have many links.

Adding all of Bordon/Whitehill into Farnham makes it too big, but an idea that does work is to add Alton and rural hinterland into Farnham. Farnham and Alton are connected by a main road and railway, and have a variety of historical, cultural, and social links.

This has a knock on effect on East Hampshire, dealt with by adding Waterlooville, and smaller tinkering with the boundaries of Fareham and of Havant.

However, this creates another problem around Winchester. I deal with this by essentially combining the city of Winchester and the towns of Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford into one (geographically small) seat. I have done this with wards on the attachment, but could be much more elegant with some modest ward splitting. This leaves a large rural area around Winchester, mostly east but also north and potentially a bit west. This rural area doesn't have enormous links in any one direction, and could well work as a CC, which I've called Mid-Hampshire.

Thank you for the Plan builder - it's a massive piece of kit, but also great fun, and it's actually been fun to work up a possible alternative idea. Thank you.

I appreciate that it's all a huge amount of work, and impossible to please everyone, but I do feel that linking Ash with Godalming and splitting Bordon/whitehill is not going to work on the ground.

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