This comment introduces a submission that addresses the whole of the South West region except for Cornwall and Dorset. It argues that the remaining four counties in the region (along with their associated unitary authorities) should each be treated separately as set out below. The submission therefore rejects the BCE’s proposals for cross-county seats.

Devon – 13 seats
Somerset – 10
Gloucestershire – 14
Wiltshire – 7 [see also response 78902]

This approach, besides respecting established counties, also involves less disruption of the existing seat pattern than in the BCE plan, and overall a better reflection of local community ties throughout the region.

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BCE-78902 I have submitted a supplementary proposal to my main submission (BCE 72050). It covers Wiltshire and Swindon only and is put forward in case it is felt unacceptable to split wards in Wiltshire and Swindon as suggested in my main proposal.

This submission,...
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