This comment covers only Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and part of Hampshire. No comment is made regarding the rest of the South East region.

The key point of this submission is that although electorate numbers support the BCE’s proposal for a constituency to cross the boundary between Hampshire and Surrey, the further proposed crossing between Surrey and Berkshire is not necessary; and further, that if the letter county boundary is not crossed, a number of improvements can then be effected, compared with the BCE plan, both in Surrey and in eastern Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

In this way it is possible to avoid the BCE’s proposed division of towns such as Ascot, Beaconsfield and Reigate, and to create a more coherent pattern of seats overall.

As a separate element of the submission, an alternative plan is put forward for western Berkshire that, unlike the BCE proposal, maintains two Reading seats divided east and west. The submission also suggests a ward exchange to avoid the BCE’s proposed division of the Hampshire town of Whitehill.

Full details, and maps, are supplied in a separate document.

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