Please find attached my submission to the first phase of the 2023 Review Consultation for the South West region in both Portable Document Format and as an Excel spreadsheet.

A few constituencies therein have the same boundaries as those proposed in the Commission's Initial Report and some seats I estimate to be very similar, whereas many proposals diverge more significantly from the BCE recommendations.

Numbering on the maps in the text document follows a roughly clockwise pattern, whilst in the spreadsheet, suggested constituencies are listed in alphabetical order by sub-region. There may also be differences in nomenclature.

All proposed constituencies fall well under the maximum 12,000km² limit.

I regret to inform the Commissioners that unfortunately, I'm afraid I've left myself too little time on this occasion to explain my thinking behind each proposal and the alternatives that were explored. If needed, I shall elaborate on their merits at a later stage of the consultation.


Oliver Raven

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