I would like to submit an alternative proposal for the North West and North Central sub region. My initial motivation for doing so is that I would prefer that Walpole ward in Ealing, where I live, should remain in an unchanged Ealing Central and Acton consituency.

The proposed addition of parts of Shepherds Bush to the constituency in place of Walpole is quite undesirable. All of Hammersmith & Fulham borough north of the Goldhawk Road should remain in the same constituency to maintain local ties.

In coming up with an alternative proposal the strict 5% variation limit creates a ripple effect meaning several other constituencies inevitably have to change too. In drawing up this proposal I have tried to keep as close as possible to the commission's initial proposals except where a change is inevitable or where I can see a clear benefit. Nevertheless 19 out of 32 proposed constituencies have been altered.

Some of the advantages I see from this counter proposal are:

- it retains the link between the Cities of London and Westminster that has existed since 1950
- keeps Chelsea in one piece
- two constituencies are completely unchanged, in terms of their electorate, despite having new ward boundaries

I have attached two files:

- a summary showing the differences between this proposal and the commission's initial proposals
- a .csv file showing a ward listing for each proposed constituency, generated using the Plan Builder web app at boundaryassistant.org

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